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From the first note you hear him sing, it's obvious that Lee’s voice is something special. The 37 year old Brooklyn, native’s deep baritone range has an almost tenor-like timbre that feels like velvet to your ears.


In the Beginning

The singer/songwriter/producer first entered a love affair with music at the tender age of 3, when Lee attended a wedding with his parents. “I liked the wedding song so much I came home and figured out how to play it on my dad’s mini Casio keyboard.” Lee went on to learn to play the piano by ear prior to acquiring formal training. But when he played ‘Lion’ in his Junior High School performance of “The Wiz” Lee realized that he had a very special gift in vocal music. It was then that his 8th grade music teacher asked him if he’d ever heard of LaGuardia High School for Music, Art and the Professional Performing Arts--known to many as the “Fame” school. It was there that Lee really began to hone the vocal range, sense of melodic expression, and emotional connection to the music that he brings you today.



Currently living, working and performing in Washington DC, Lee has seen a wide range of involvement with the industry over the years. He’s done background gigs with both local and major label artists.  Lee Anderson also spent about 3 years writing a very well read and respected music column in DC interviewing artists and giving his 5 cents about the industry, local music that was dropping, reviewing the hottest concerts in the city and interviewing artists like Miguel, Bel Biv DeVoe, Le Toya Luckett, and Dead Prez to name a small few. Early 2017 saw him portray Buck Simpson in the Contemporary Jazz Opera: “Love Songs from the Liberation Wars”. Lee is an all around performer who doesn’t know any part of the stage to be uncomfortable. In addition to his solo musical endeavors, Lee is also a member of the DC based Funk and Soul band, AZTEC SUN.


Deeper Meaning

Not only an amazing musical talent, Lee is also very well respected for his acute sense of the trends and momentum in music and their relation to social climate and implications on culture. An absolute thought leader in the field, some of Lee’s other musical endeavors include scoring movies, television and video game music supervision, and audio exhibit curation.


Lee believes that with great power (or in this case, talent) comes great responsibility. “I’m a black man first. Before I even thought to become anything else, the one thing that was clear, is I would be a black man.” Seeing himself and all of his endeavors through that lens has led Lee to be an active political voice in the social justice movement. Particularly by offering opportunity for involvement in actions through art and culture Lee has been able to find great intersections between making music and creating change.


Trendy is Cool But Classic is Better

“I think of myself as one of the last new real R&B cats” is how Lee would tell you he sees his place in modern music. In a time when the trends of urban music are leaning more and more towards pop, Lee has a genuine old school soul that anchors his sound.  Take a listen. Get to know him. There’s no way you won’t like what you hear.

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